Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Ficus carica petiole and Wacker 3A staining

Vascular bundles can be seen very well in these cross-sectional views of a leaf stem of the fig tree, thanks to the Wacker 3A triple staining. This coloring is done with a mixture containing Astra blue, Acriflavin and Acridine red.

We see the vascular bundles that lie in an outer circle, characteristic of (eu)dicotyledonous plants. In monocotyledonous plants, the bundles are irregularly distributed over the cross section. The Xylem vessels lie on the inward side and the Phloem vessels on the outside of the outer circle. Between Xylem and Phloem we see the intravascular Cambium. Vascular bundles are also present in the inner basic Parenchyma.

Due to the good uniform thickness of the coupe and the fine quality of the Moticam S12 camera, the photos could be taken without stacking.

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